Most Americans associate Black Friday as a National Day to Shop. Deals are out of this world, some may say. Whether this is true or not, one of my favorite traditions is to buck the system and spend the day browsing something other than a mall. Be it art, sculpture, or a historical exhibit, spending the day at a museum on Black Friday can be a great alternative to the crazed atmosphere happening at your mall.

Less Crowds

The absolute best allure of visiting a museum on Black Friday is the lack of crowds clogging the exhibit. Ask any museum-goer in any major city and they’ll tell you it’s near impossible to spend a relaxed visit on any other weekend of the year.  Patrons can meander through the museum at their ease and not feel stressed trying to navigate through large groups of other people. As an introvert, this is a huge plus.

Museum Shot

New Locations

Since lots of people travel to visit family over Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a great chance to visit museums in a city you and your immediate family do not live in. You can visit museums you might not have a chance to otherwise, especially on a day when not many people are there. Before you head to your destination, look up museums in the area and plan your day accordingly.

Great for Kids

At some point, you’ve got to ask yourself: what am I really teaching my kids on the day after we celebrate gratitude? Visiting a museum on Black Friday offer numerous benefits. You’ll be learning something new. You’ll start a family tradition. And finally, your kids can explore the space with more freedom.

Possible Discounts

A final bonus of heading to museums on Black Friday is the possible discounts. If the museum is not already free, you might get a special family or student rate and be able to get into the museum for next to nothing. Who knows what Black Friday deals you may snag in the Museum’s Gift Store.

Museums To Check Out

Staying around Salt Lake City over the holidays? Check out a few options in and around the city.

Natural History Museum of Utah – a free museum with beautiful architecture and a huge assortment of exhibits, from fossils and mineralogy to Native American life.

Museum of Ancient Life – a museum located half an hour south of the city, it has the world’s largest collection of mounted dinosaur skeletons, along with palaeontology lab where you can watch archaeologists work on uncovering fossils.

Church History Museum – this museum is a tribute to the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and will give you an insight into the rich history of Mormonism.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts – located on the University of Utah campus, this museum features art from various cultures around the globe and also has collections of Native American and Western American art.

Daughters of Utah Pioneer Memorial Museum – this museum focuses on the lives and journeys of Utah’s Mormon pioneers, particularly Brigham Young, and includes many stories and tributes to those who first traveled to the frontier.

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