We are living in an age of entrepreneurship, and the opportunity to grow a startup to a multi-million dollar company is incentive enough for many people to start their own business. In the ever-changing world of startups, there needs to be a way to set your company apart from your competition. By using these PR tips, you’ll be able to help your company develop and manage a strong and unique identity.

Prepare for the Worst (and the Best)

When you first release your product to the world, there is no telling what kind of response you are going to get. You need to be aware that you may not get any press coverage at all, and you need to have an action plan in order for if that happens. What are you going to do if you don’t get a single phone call from a reporter or blogger? How are you going to market your company in the coming months to gain that press? On the flipside, you may release your product and you are getting more interview requests than you can possibly keep up with. Have a plan for any situation so you know where you are going to go regardless of what happens. A reactionary response without a plan will look and feel like desperation.

Identify your Target

Usually, when someone tells an entrepreneur to identify their target, that target is in terms of customers. I believe most entrepreneurs should already know who their customers are before they delve into the PR of their company. I’m talking about targets in terms of media outlets and journalists. You should have a growing list of places and people you want to contact with your releases as you write them. Make sure that your releases are tailored and personalized for each outlet and journalism, at least early on. That extra work to make a personal connection will go a long way to building relationships in the long run.

If you Need Help, Hire Help

If you are launching your product, you most likely do have someone who is dedicated to managing the public relations of your company. Even for an experienced PR professional it can be a daunting task to tackle a release. There are professionals out there who specialize in startup launches. Their services may be more expensive than your average firm, but the experience they bring from prior startup launches heavily outweighs the disaster you may have on your hands if you run into a PR nightmare.

Launching a startup is extremely difficult, and a lot of things need to go your way into order to launch successfully. There will never be a flawless launch, buy by covering your bases with these tips you will be on your way to generating great press.



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