Judd Bagley

Judd Bagley is the Director of Corporate Communications for InsideSales.com. He is a PR professional and technology expert, based in Salt Lake City, who is excited about the future of the cryptocurrency field.

Judd Bagley has taken this opportunity to learn everything he could about Bitcoin, and has established himself as a thought leader in the field of cryptocurrency in the process.  Judd Bagley had to quickly learn a lot about Bitcoin in order to be conversant in the subject. The more he learned, the more he became fascinated by the concept.

An avid traveler, Judd loves to explore places beyond the traditional tourist landmarks. Judd credits his guiding travel philosophy to Eric Fisher’s map project which uses geodata in images posted to Twitter to show the difference between tourists and locals of a destination. How would this data be helpful? For an explorer like Judd, this data reveals the spots that are populated by locals; not tourists. Judd’s love for technology and travel were brought together by this project, and he soon found himself seeking out “local travel” destinations whenever he was in a new city. While taking in the standard gems of a city can be exciting, Judd is happier to set out on foot and discover a quiet corner cafe or poke around in a used book shop. Judd finds this type of travel essential to understanding the culture of the place.

Catch Judd’s latest thoughts on his professional and personal endeavors here.


6 thoughts on “About Judd Bagley

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  2. Like the way you think about travel. I, too, enjoy those out-of-the-way places that create special memories. This gypsy tries to search them out, but once in a while still visits a regular tourist place – just to be human.


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